DJ Services

Tropical DJWhen space or budgetary concerns compromise the viability of live entertainment, you can always call upon our TROPICAL DJ to liven up your themed event!  Great for both background and dance music, and featuring high-quality audio equipment, you can expect the exact same level of professionalism that has become synonymous with the Island Boogie brand.  We can additionally accommodate any thematic: country, oldies, pop, jazz, ballroom, or any mix of styles you desire.

Choose a packaged deal for considerable savings!
A wonderful, cost-efficient entertainment solution involves bundling our Solo Steel Drum Performer with the Tropical DJ.  Vastly less expensive than hiring two separate acts, you’re provided a true “DJ-on-a-budget.”  Imagine the following scenarios:

• A dance party where the solo steel drummer performs a dinner set designed to charge the atmosphere  with a festive spirit and then transitions to DJ, so your guests can dance the night away!

• A wedding where the solo steel drummer plays at the ceremony, cocktail hour, and/or dinner set — or all three! — and then DJ’s to get your guests movin’ at the reception.  An added benefit is that you now also have an experienced, well-organized MC for your most special occasion!

Island Boogie offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility.  Call today to craft your custom entertainment package, and see why experience really makes a difference!