Small Groups

Our stable of two-musician packages offer a wealth of flexibility–from our elegant acoustic steel drum duo to an option that features a vocalist for added presence.

Acoustic Pan Duo• Steel Drum & Keyboard – A popular combo for smaller venues (such as homes or restaurants), the pan & keyboard duo is great for background music.

• Vocals/Guitar & Steel Drum – This is the smallest lineup that features our singer for a more lively presentation.  We perform with “Rhythm Tracks,” which help us to sound like a larger act.

• Acoustic Pan Duo – In true island style, this twosome involves both melodic and harmonic steel drum instruments for a more complete musical palette than the solo acoustic performer.  (No electricity required.)

Our three-performer combos bridge the excitement of our bigger productions with the affordability of the “scaled-back” versions.

Tropical Trio• Trio with Singer – Vocals/Guitar, Steel Drum & Percussion.  A modest alternative to our party bands, this group packs a lot of rhythm for its size.  This is an appealing option for filling a dance floor at midsized gatherings or at clubs in which space is tight.

• Instrumental Trio – Steel Drum, Keyboard & Percussion.  In contrast with the instrumental duo, this act adds a percussionist for more interesting rhythmic textures.